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My name is Talvinder Singh, I build Digital Products.

I am a philomath, a seeker of knowledge. I am an award winning 31 year old internet professional from India who designs, develops, consults, speaks and writes about building high quality, accessible internet products.

Currently, I am working as an independent product consultant to various startups and corporates. I help them in building their MVPs and fixing issues with existing products.

Before this, I was heading product and technology team of 25 folks at OYO, where I helped reduce costs by automating kitchen operations, improve efficiency by building facilities management system, increase GMV by reducing cancellations and relaunch sunrise checkins – guaranteed early checkins across India.

Briefly, I worked as Chief Product Officer at Freecultr.com where I worked on building a 3-way marketplace, before it got acquired.

In 2011, I founded Tushky.com – an online marketplace for local activities and things to do. I scaled it to 100+ cities and 4000 odd activities in 4 years while raising capital from some of the most respected angel investors and funds in India and valley. In august 2015, I hung my boots as I was not able to scale up the business to the next level and timing of the business seemed pretty off. In the process, I built web and mobile product that brought standardisation in the local activities space.

I love to code, a skill I picked up in 2014 when my developer bailed out on me. When needed I can transform into a full-stack developer with devops and high-end designing chops. I am well-versed with frontend as well as backend languages and frameworks. Currently, I am enjoying swift the most. I am comfortable with ripping apart servers and setting them up again to handle loads. Like most things, I am self taught.

I love graphic design and have won awards. I like minimalism and typography. I’ve worked on everything from video effects and animation to graphics and web design. I started building web products from a young age and most of my design skills and knowledge are self taught.

I enjoy movies, stories and TV shows. I have dabbled with bollywood. Came pretty close to featuring in a movie. I love choreography and dance. Have won numerous awards for it and some of my performances have featured on national television.

I enjoy food, culture, dance and mostly any art form. I am teaching myself advanced music production and I love Music. Some of my tracks are available on my sound cloud. I love to see artists show off their paintings and sculptures, since I could never really get use to holding a paint brush. Another thing I would spend my money on, is traveling to see ancient buildings, from different cultures all around the world, and the history of that country.

I am extremely approachable and would reply the fastest on twitter, followed by email.

I am always on a lookout for challenging products. If you think you have one, I am happy to get on a chat with you.

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