K J Somaiya - How to build products users love
K J Somaiya - How to build products users love

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Life’s too short to build something nobody wants…

These days, everyone seems to have an idea, that may be “the competition killer” or “the next big thing” but very few people actually have the knowledge or skill to bring a product to life.

Hence, RiiDL and Pragmatic Product Leader brings this master class in Product Management.

About this Product Management Course

Summary: Using a case study, students will be exposed to product thinking and Product Management frameworks which will help them solve the case. By the end of 4 hours, students will solve the case themselves, get exposed to entire product lifecycle and will get directions to further their learnings.

This Product Management course is meant for beginners – both aspiring Product Managers as well as non-tech entrepreneurs who want to learn Product Thinking and how to build products.

Specifically, if you have been wondering

– how to build great products
– how to become a product manager
– what is product thinking and how can I use it in my startup

this webinar is meant to answer all your answers.

You will learn Product Management skills by working through a problem, from scratch to finish, in this webinar.

In this Product Management course we will touch upon all aspects of product management: we will start by understanding how to identify the purpose of product, followed by defining the product and finally measuring the success of the product.

We will do this by following my P.R.O.D.U.C.T. R.E.Q.U.I.R.E.M.E.N.T.S. D.O.C.U.M.E.N.T.™ technique that I have fine tuned by building products over the past decade.

By the end of this Product Management course you will have a framework to understand the problem, break it apart intro smaller chunks, apply product management tactics to solve the smaller chunks and create a cohesive solution. You will understand how to solve conflicts between different approaches, resource management and making educated guesses. You will learn how to prioritise, the various prioritisation frameworks available and how to apply them – one of the most important skills for a product manager.

This course in Product Management is for absolute beginners. No prior Product Management experience is expected. I will take you through the basics, the principles, frameworks, how to apply them, how to evolve into an advanced product manager and finally how to maximise your chances to get a job as a Product Manager.

Demand for Product Management has been growing incredibly. More and more companies are finally figuring out the importance of this discipline and this role to their success. But how to get into this field. There aren’t any certificate or degree in Product Management. Most Product Managers get into the field through luck or connections. Via this webinar you will be able to grasp the fundamental skill sets that are essential to land up a Product Manager job or as an entrepreneur, build a product. I will show you what to do and what you need to know, end to end in this Product Management course!


10 minutes: Prelude. Orientation and overview
We will start by getting an overview of topics, what is product management and what to expect.

60 minutes: Module 1 – Purpose definition. Answering the “Why build”
In this module, we will learn how to define the problem and how to identify the goals.
We will set the context for the product. Why are we building it, what are we building, what will be the impact and who will benefit.

70 minutes: Module 2 – Route exploration. Answering the “How to build”
In this module, we will learn how to build the product, how to write comprehensive, unambiguous user stories and supporting documentation. We will learn what is user persona and how to align your product with your product. Focus is to answer “how” the purpose of the product will be achieved.

70 minutes: Module 3 – Data Analytics. Answering the “what happened”
In this module, we will learn how to measure the success of product. Various tools available and how to implement them.

30 minutes: Q & A

Will take questions from audience.



Who can attend this Product Management course?

Anyone can; but only the beginners or folks who are aspiring to become a product manager will truly benefit.

What can I bring into the course?

Well, anything that you need to learn. I suggest, a laptop, notepad, a pen and a receptive mind.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Reach out to him at t+support@talvinder.com

What’s the refund policy?

No refund unless the webinar gets cancelled for unforeseen reasons or reasons beyond our control.


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