Pick any story of business success and the opportune moment when the proverbial bulb of idea blew off for the founder, almost appears like serendipity. Most often, its not. Most of the times, the founder was building his time machine since a long time. A time machine through which he was exposing himself to new experiences, through which he was visualizing far ahead, through which he was coming up with smarter solutions to current problems.

As a founder, as an innovator, you time travel in many ways. Reading breakthrough research papers, keeping a tab on market trends, being in a geography which is ahead of most others or simply being around really progressive people are all some ways you stay ahead of the curve.

For instance, bay area is a time machine for tech entrepreneurs. Incremental and disruptive innovation in technology on a consistent basis, keeps the entire geography ahead of its peer locations. This helps entrepreneurs thrive and build cutting edge products. This products are usually ahead of curve for rest of the world and then copy cat products come up.

If you wish to innovate, build your time machine, become a time traveler.
Time machine powered by knowledge differential by acquiring knowledge or
Time machine powered by geographical arbitrage by changing geography or
Time machine powered by IQ differential by surrounding yourself with really smart folks.

To be able to build something of value, you will have to time travel in at least in one dimension and the value created will be a function of the time differential. Higher the differential, higher the value.


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