I am often asked, why did I take engineering if I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Well, this article is first in a series, to enlighten all such troubled souls.


There is a lot to take away from science. The correlations are surreal, beautiful and scarily baffling at times. In our troubled and messy early 20s, when we struggle to find our ground once again, titter-tottering all along, stumbling and saving our bum from another fall, we look to hold on to something, which can stabilize shaky knees and radio ankle coordinates to brain. I was in a mess as well and I held on to the only thing I knew – Science. I have happily borrowed from science and maths, in my pursuit to stability. Here, I am sharing some of those borrowings, for the benefit of everyone. Feel free to disconnect.



Its the measure of randomness, of uncertainty, while defining a thermodynamic system. Once created, entropy of an isolated system can only increase. Its essentially how arrow of time, affects our life. More so, for an entrepreneur’s life.

With increase in age (of anything, viz. venture, our own etc), our exposure increases and hence the distractions increase. The temptation to try every trick of the trade is very high for an entrepreneur. We try to expose ourselves to every piece of article (this article included), every advice possible, every reference possible, in a bid to learn a bit more, falsely believing that all exposure is good. Its good, but we yet don’t know, out of all the exposures, which are distractions and which are interests. One has to teach self, how to separate signal from noise.


To reduce entropy, one has two options:

  1. EXTERNAL – Don’t be isolated and include others in your thermodynamic system.

And this is why, its essential to network with similar people.- EXTERNAL method

  1. INTERNAL – Devise ways to structure your thoughts.

And this is why, listing and prioritizing is a popular tool. Its polar opposite of randomness and hence you are effectively, reducing your entropy. Same with Mindmaps.


I use both the methods, as and when needed.


How do you reduce your entropy?


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