Recently, I was facing an issue with my current site – wordpress CMS, custom theme.

Problem: The site was loading some gibberish on mobile devices, instead of the beautiful mobile responsive version of the wordpress theme.

I looked around a lot but couldn’t find any good answers, since on the surface it seemed like a theme specific issue. So I decided to dig deeper and the solution was pretty straightforward.

Investigation: Issue was caused by jetpack plugin. In an attempt to load a simpler-faster mobile site, jetpack ends up loading a “different” custom mobile site, which doesn’t use the custom wordpress theme templates. Since, most custom themes have custom tags etc, it appears as gibberish.

Solution: Login to wordpress admin panel. Navigate to jetpack > settings. Scroll down to find mobile site. Hover on it and click on deactivate.

That’s it. Your custom wordpress theme will load just fine on mobile devices!


Merry christmas folks!


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