Add “buzz” and Escape-close to Pidgin!

Pidgin doesn’t support Yahoo messenger(ym) shortcuts like:

ctrl-g for buzz and

Esc for closing the window.

Being an ardent user of ym(once upon a time 😛 ), I was pretty accustomed to these shortcuts and hence their non-availability in pidgin pissed me. Pidgin being easy on my CPU resources and being a multi-protocol messenger was my preffered choice obviously.

As usual, I tried googling.But in vain, hence sat down to develop a workaround for myself which adds this functionality to pidgin. The end product is pretty useful and hence I thought to share it :). Basically, I wanted to either add the functionality to pidgin itself or to add a supporting exe which when executed will give this functions to pidgin.Obviously, I opted for the latter easier option :D. After this, I wanted to replace the pidgin shortcut with a “disguised” Pidgin shortcut which will open both pidgin as well as the exe.

I am using the ever-so-useful open script autohotkey which has already been featured in many articles.

The task is two fold:

1. Create a tool which can add the above mentioned functionalities to pidgin.

2. Create a icon which resembles pidgin but executes multiple programs.

For the first part, follow the following simple steps:

1. Download and run a small file(196kb) buzz_close.exe from:


2. An H-icon should show in the icon tray

3. That’s it!! Go use ctrl-g for buzzing around in pidgin and escape for closing the tabs in pidgin as well as in Mozilla firefox.

4. If you didn’t like adding another icon in the icon tray then you can “always hide” it by customizing the taskbar. For n00bs, rightclick on the taskbar and select properties,select customize in the taskbar tab and then change the settings in front of the H-icon to always hide.

For the second part:
We will be using the oh-so-old “Batch File” method. Google threw some softwares like Multistart, Easytray etc but I didn’t like the idea of installing more softwares, so decided to use batch files to do the job.Now for the procedure.
1. Open an instance of notepad and copy-paste the following code in it
   cd type:the path ofpidgin here  (usually it is “C:Program FilesPidgin” ) (You can remove this line, refer to point 4 below)
   start Pidgin.exe

   cd type:the path ofbuzz_close.exe downloaded above             
   start /min buzz_close.exe

  Save the file as SomePlaceYouCanRememberAndLike.bat (the .bat extension is essential) and save it at convenient place(for me, it is the directory of pidgin itself).

  1. Now comes the fun part! Create a shortcut to the above created batch file at some place of you choice from which you can easily access it(for me, it is quick launch bar).

  2. Right click on the shortcut and select properties.

  3. Enter the “Start in” path: It can be anything but if you want to remove the extra process of CDing to pidgin’s directory from the batch code then add the path of directory which contains pidgin.exe ( for eg, “C:Program FilesPidgin” quotes are essential ).

  4. Click on Find Target and browse to the Batch file created above.

  5. Click on change icon and browse to pidgin’s directory and select Pidgin.exe, to give the batch file a disguise of Pidgin.Alternately you can download pidgin’s .ico file by googling for it. You can also change the batch file’s icon to any other icon of you choice in similar way.

  6. Click Ok and You are done!

Double-clicking the Pidgin icon will now open both Pidgin and the buzz_close.exe and you will be able to use the ctrl-g for buzz and Escape for closing the window(tabs) as if the functionality is inbuilt in Pidgin.


ps. For closing windows(tabs) in pidgin and forefox the key combination ctrl-w is used. Since I needed the functionality in both so I added it. If you want application specific then kindly mail me or Bug me! using meebo widget given at the top of the page 🙂

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